A CD Ratewatcher Find:  The 100-Year CD

Our team of Ratewatchers scours the internet to find the very best CD rates across the nation. We review thousands of financial institution websites to bring you the highest rates out there, whether you want to save for three months, five years, or anywhere in between.  However, we never expected to uncover a CD with a term of 100 years!

Walden Mutual Bank of Concord, New Hampshire offers a  100-year Local Impact Certificate of Deposit which enables customers “to similarly endow a charity, trust or family member, conveying to them the benefit of long-term compounding.” Walden is a mutual savings bank and a certified B-corporation, with a mission focused on serving farms, food businesses, sustainability-related businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

On its website, Walden notes that many banks now offer attractive “teaser” CD rates in an effort to get you in the door. These inflated rates only last for a short time – similar to an introductory rate on a credit card. Instead, Walden is offering “similarly high rates for the long-term, in exchange for a commitment from you to partner with us in transforming our local food economy.” The CD offers a fixed rate of 4.75% APY.*

How to open a 100 year CD 

Walden states that the 100-Year CD is available to anyone (subject to the Bank’s identity verification) with assets they would like to pass to charity or a future generation, with a minimum investment of $1,000 and a maximum of $150,000.”  It notes that the CD makes for a good addition to a Donor Advised Fund, part of a charitable giving strategy, or a trust intended to benefit a future generation. It is also an attractive fixed-income alternative for an individual or organization, even if not held to maturity.  Walden Mutual Bank will require the completion of a beneficiary form at the time the CD is opened.

The website notes that depositors can also establish a separate “Grow Local” account alongside their CD, and automatically withdraw the interest penalty-free on an ongoing basis without ever touching the principal.

Thanks to the CD Valet Ratewatchers for this unique savings opportunity!

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* Annual percentage yield fixed at 4.75% for the life of the CD. Rate valid as of April 19, 2024 , subject to change. Daily compounding, posted monthly. Applies to 100-year CD accounts only, for all balances. Visit here for additional information.

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