CD Valet: A Nationwide Marketplace to Compare & Open CDs 

With an increasing need to grow and attract deposits, financial institutions are turning to one of the most popular savings strategies amongst consumers: Certificates of Deposit (CDs).  

Certificates of Deposit have been top of mind as interest rates continue to rise and CDs have had a reputation for being a safe, efficient way to save with high returns.  

As an online marketplace, CD Valet connects consumers and financial institutions to compare and shop for CDs. Our marketplace features over 25,000 rates of over 3,100 financial institutions that continue to expand to an estimated 20 million CD customers across the nation.  

Financial institutions that post CD rates on their public website and have more than $250 million in total assets are automatically listed on CD Valet. We may also include financial institutions under $250 million in total assets if they offer competitive and publicly available rates. In addition, those listed include some of the largest financial institutions and online financial institutions with a presence across the nation. 

CD Valet also provides a platform solution that financial institutions can purchase to contact consumers, direct consumers to their digital online account opening platform, or enable consumers to directly open an account with them on CD Valet. Our platform is here to help provide consumers with a smoother and more efficient banking experience.  

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How does CD Valet work for comparing CD rates? 

CD Valet is an online marketplace that connects consumers and financial institutions, allowing them to compare over 25,000 CD rates from 3,100+ institutions nationwide. 

What criteria determine the institutions listed on CD Valet? 

Financial institutions with CD rates on their public website and total assets exceeding $250 million are automatically listed. Competitive smaller institutions may also be included. 

Can I directly open a CD through CD Valet? 

Yes, CD Valet provides a platform for financial institutions to enable consumers to directly open an account on CD Valet, offering a smoother banking experience. 

How can financial institutions benefit from CD Valet? 

Financial institutions can use CD Valet’s platform solution to connect with consumers, direct them to their digital account opening platform, or facilitate direct account openings. 

Is CD Valet only for large financial institutions? 

CD Valet includes both large and smaller financial institutions. Institutions with competitive and publicly available rates, even if below $250 million in total assets, may be listed. 

Can I trust the CD rates listed on CD Valet? 

CD Valet lists rates from reputable financial institutions. It’s essential to verify rates and terms directly with the institution before making any decisions. 

Are there fees for using CD Valet’s platform as a consumer? 

CD Valet’s platform is designed to provide a smoother banking experience for consumers, and there are typically no fees associated with using the platform. 

Can I open CDs with the best rates nationwide through CD Valet? 

Yes, CD Valet’s nationwide marketplace allows you to explore and open CDs with competitive rates from various institutions, ensuring you find the best rates for your savings. 

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